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NeoHTML Basics

Here we teach you everything you need to know about neoHTML to make your own!

These are ways to make your text different shapes and sizes:
Itallic [i]TEXT[/i]
underline [u]TEXT[/u]
bold [b]TEXT[/b]
sub [sub]sub[/sub]
sup [sup]sup[/sup]

Easy, eh? Now lets get into a bit harder but still easy neoHTML

[font c=black s=3 f=arial]TEXT[/font]
On the font tag, you change the color, the font (note: if a person viewing your neoHTML doesn't have this same font, it will show up as their default font), and the size (from 1 to 7).

[shadow c=blue w=500 s=3]TEXT[/shadow]
On the shadow tag, you can change 500 to fit your text, the color, and the size.

[glow c=hotpink w=500 s=3]TEXT[/glow]
On the glow tag, you can also change the color, width, and size.

Now that wasn't so hard, was it? Now we get to the part were it can get a bit confusing...

2 colored glow
[glow c=red][font c=green s=3]TEXT[/glow][/font]

Here we see the glow and font tags combined. You can change the colors and size on this, but make sure the code still works.

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