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On this page we will give you ways to earn different secret avatars, or even links to visit to get those avatars! Have fun trying out these avys to find your favorite!

Umm... you might need to scroll down a bit... something went wrong, and I don't know what... I'll try to fix it soon though! LOL have fun!

Illusen's Glade

Complete Illusen's Quests Level 20.

Adam #6

Go to the "About Us" page with

the same amount

of NP that Adam has.

Jhudora's Cloud

Complete Jhudora's Quests Level 20.

Fyora (Faerie Queen)

Go to the Hidden Tower located

in Faerie City (Faerieland)

and then buy an item there.

Math's Nightmare

Play Math's Nightmare

(Game) and win a trophy!

Soup Faerie Kind

Frequently feed your pet

at the Soup Kitchen.

Dr. Sloth

Random Event

Wheel of Excitement

Land on 10,000 on the

Wheel of Excitement.


Buy a Meowclops (petpet) and

then equip it to ur pet

and refresh the quick ref page.

Winter Grundo

Get a High Score in

Grundo Snowthrow.

Faerie Grundo

Look at a Faerie Grundo's

pet lookup.

Better Than You

Win at Better Than You

Capara Kyrii

Beat Capara at Cheat

Usuki Usuls

View the Usukiland advert

in the Usuki Shop

Usuki Shopkeeper

View the Usukiland advert

in the Usuki Shop


Do a neopets search

for an angelpuss.

Pirate Shoyru

Click Here

Pirate Scorchio

Click Here

Pirate Aisha

Click Here

Pirate Krawk

Click Here

Battle Dung

Buy Battle Dung from

the Hidden Tower

- May not be true

Grey Faerie

Click Here

Maraquan Krawk

View a Maraquan Krawk's Pet lookup


Equip an Angelpuss to your active pet

Defenders of Neopia - Lupe

Click Here

Defenders of Neopia - Aisha

Click Here

Dr. Death

Click Here

Techo Master

Click Here


Purchase a chocolate from the

Chocolate Factory with

a rarity of 90 or higher.

Escape from Meridell Castle

Receive a high score

(trophy) in Escape

From Meridell Castle

Space Faerie

Defeat the Space Faerie

in the battledome.

Mad about Orange

Hold 10 items with the word 'orange'

in your inventory

and refresh your inventory

... a lot!


Have the complete

set of 10

codestones in your inventory.

Pant Devil Taunt

Hold a Hidden Tower artifact in

your inventory or

trades and refresh your inventory a lot!

Evil Poogle Plushie

Have the Malevolent Sentient

Poogle Plushie (TCG)

Item in your inventory

and refresh your inventory.

Hungry Skeith

Feed any item with the

word 'Skeith' in it to a Skeith.

Extreme Potato Counter

Receive a high score (trophy)

in Extreme Potato Counter.

Coconut Jubjub Avatar

Feed your Coconut

JubJub an item

with the word coconut in it.

Grarrl Warrior

Equip your Grarrl with

a Grarrl weapon released on Grarrl day

Heermeedjet and Meerouladen

You have to refresh the Trap Door,

then defeat them at

the battledome.

Then report back to Defenders of

Neopia Headquarters

you'll receive one of

the two avatars.


Have the Chokato (TCG) item

in your inventory and

refresh your inventory multiple times.

Heermeedjet and Meerouladen

You have to refresh the Trap Door, then defeat them at

the battledome. Then report back to Defenders of

Neopia Headquarters

and you'll receive one of

the two avatars.

I'm Smelly

Hold 10 different items with

the word 'dung' in your

inventory. No need to refresh.

Plushie Eyrie Squawk

Type squawk on the neoboards.

Then go to the chat

preferences and you should

have the avatar. Your avatar, siggy and font must all be set to default.

Jetsam Chomp

Feed your Jetsam any aquatic petpet.

Freaked Korbat

Get a high score at

Korbat's Lab and win a trophy


If you own a Lupe painted

Halloween, a werelupe,

visit your petlookup and

you should get it.

Edna Cackle

Happens as a random event

when you do Edna's Quests.

Fuzzle BOO!

Play with your pet with an

Evil Blue Fuzzle until the

fuzzle says Boo! and scares

your pet. This may take quite a while.

Deadly Dice

A random award for beating

Count Von Roo at Deadly

Dice. He's awake midnight

to 1am NST.

Avatar Collector

Get in the High Score

table for Neoboard Secret Avatars

Tyrannian Stamp Collector

Collect all the Tyrannian stamps

and put them in your album.

Plushie Tycoon

Win a trophy for Plushie Tycoon

Virtupets Stamp Collector

Collect all the

Virtupets Stamps

and put them in your album.

Haunted Woods Stamp Collector

Collect all the

Haunted Woods Stamps

Black Pteri

Defeat the Black Pteri

in the battledome. Getting

him as a challenger is a random event

Mystery Island Stamp Collector

Complete the

mystery island stamp collection


Get a Mootix equipped to your petpet.

Sutek's Tomb

Get a score above

2000 in Sutek's Tomb.

Hungry Drackonack

Have a drackonack

and 4 pieces of cheese in your

inventory and refresh

until he eats the cheese


Have a slorg equipped

to your pet for 100 days.

Mutant Jubjub

Use a transmogrification

potion on one of your pets.

Snowbunny Whee!!

Have a snowbunny

equipped for 365 days.

Let it Snow

Have an icy snowflake in

your inventory, visit the

weather section, and view the

weather in terror mountain.

Bilge Dice

Win 10 in a row at Bilge Dice

Bilge Dice

Score 24 in Bilge Dice and

refresh your winning page

until you receive the

random event.

Pet Rock

Buy a Sticks and Stones

Ticket and go to the concert.


Feed a Snorkle Snout

to one of your pets.


Obtained when you get a

Rainbow Faerie Quest and

paint your buzz split.

Chia Bomber

Get a high score at

the Chia bomber game.

Elephante Surprise

Feed your elephante

a bag of peanuts.


Get a high score at


Alien Aisha

Use a nerkmind in the Vending Machine.

Bullseye Turtum

Receive a game score of 230 or
higher in the

game of Ultimate


Kacheek Swim

Have a Kacheek as your

active pet and go here.

Pack Rat

Have 1000 different items in

your Safety Deposit box.

Eliv Thade

Get a score of 1200 or higher

in the game Eliv Thade.


Tell a joke to the Grumpy Old King

and score 800+

Helpful Zafara

Go here and search

for avatar. Then refresh.

Gad Gads Game

Receive a game score of 1,000 or

higher in the game of Gadgads.

Lenny Plushie

Be one of the first 250 people to win a lenny conundrum.

Kasuki Lu

Beat Kasuki Lu in the Battledome.


Lose to the Plains Lupe in NQ2.


Beat the DevilPuss in NQ2.

Dr. Grumps

Score 900 or higher in Gourmet Club Bowls.

Master Vex

Random while playing Cellblock.

Uni Faboo

Purchase a Rarity 80 or higher item from Uni's Clothing.

Pick Your Own

Get six items from Pick Your Own and no dung.


You must have a mazzew petpet equipped to

your Neopet for at least 250 days.

Groovy Chomby

See Chomby and The Fungus Balls in concert in Tyrannia.

Mueka Snotty

Beat Mueka in the Battledome.

Bless you, Shoyru

Bless your shoyru with a bottled faerie.


Have a Gruslen petpet equipped for 100+ days


Own a Grey Painted pet, and go to your it's pet lookup.


Win a caption contest on the 100's. (eg 400, 500, 600, ...)

Raiders of Maraqua

Score over 850 points in the game Raiders of Maraqua

Fire Paw

Put "Fire Paw" the collectible card into your Neodeck!


Beat a Bionic Cybunny in Chapter 5 of Neoquest 2

Wheel of Monotony

Randon event while playing the Wheel of Monotony. Yes it spins for a very long time!

Ghost Lupe

Get the Ghost Lupe as a challenger here.Then defeat him in the battledome.

Grundo's Warehouse

Go to Grundo's Warehouse. Enter this code: A384J 228P1 on the left hand side, bottom 2 boxes for "older 10 character codes".

Forever Orange

Own an Orange Grundo, and visit it's lookup.

Jarbjarb UggaUgga

Guess 15 correct against Jarbjarb in the game Tyranu Evavu.

Darigan Redeemed

Go to Darigan's Chambers. Some people have gotten it, other's have not, it's not yet clear to me exactly what the requirements are for this one yet.

Defender of Meridell

A random event while playing Invasion Of Meridell.

Super Pea

Own a Pea Chia and equip it with a Super Pea.

Coco Roller

Download the Cocoroller game to your phone, beat level 5 & submit your code here.


View any Yurble's pet lookup.

Faerie Queen

Let your pet play with a Faerie Queen Doll.


Received when the turmaculus eats your petpet.

Battle Jubjub

View any jubjub's pet lookup.

Island Quiggle

Own an island quiggle and view it's pet lookup.


Win from a Deserted Fairgrounds Scratchcard.


Use a morphing potion on your pet.


Get your pet's species changed by the lab ray, (requires all 9 laboratory map pieces)

Neomail Addict

Random event while sending neomail.


View Vira's entry in the Gallery of Evil while having a mirror in your inventory.

Wheel of Mediocrity

Get the grand prize of 1000np while spinning the wheel of mediocrity.


Score 850+ on the Whack-a-Kass game.

It's Alive

View a pet lookup of a pet that has a faellie attached to it, here's a
name to try if they still have their faellie, __l_Shadow_l__ .

Shape Shifter

Beat level 5 of Shapeshifter, then return to the shapeshifter main page.


Lose a game of Cliffhanger.


View the pet lookup of a Pteri painted baby.


Score 5000+ on the Snowmuncher game.


Have the card Niten Hiroru in your inventory, then go to Niten Hiroru's Neopedia Article.


Win the Jackpot in the Dice-a-roo game

Neopian Times

Have a 10+ Neopian Times trophy.

Dark Peophin

View a Darigan Peophin's lookup.

Kass Minion

View Lord Kass's Gallery of Evil entry.


View any Ruki's lookup!

Jeran Hero

Go to Day 7 of the Meridell plot.

Moody Skarl

Tell King Skarl a bad joke and get thrown out the castle.


View a pet lookup with a Goldy attached to it, try Mangokicks.


Score 825+ on deckswabber.


Land on the star on the Wheel of Knowledge.


Have anything with the word Gnome in your Inventory & then go to the Garden Shop.

Most annoying avatar ever. Change your shopkeeper to
Usul - Gothic and then visit your shop front.
After you have the avatar, if you change your shopkeeper and view your
shop front you will LOSE this avatar - to get it back, just repeat the
process again.

Freaky Factory

Score 1250+ on the Freaky Factory game.


Keep refreshing the game graveyard.

Island Mystic

The Island Mystic has to give you a fortune with the word "kyrii" in it.

Do Not Eat Carrot

Have your pet eat an item with the word carrot in it.

Mutant Draik

View any Mutant Draik's pet lookup.


Feed 75+ Kadoatie at the Kadoatery.

Techo Buzz

Score 300+ on the Buzzer Game.


Score 800+ on the Dubloon Disaster Game.

Poogle Winner

Bet on the winning Poogle in the Poogle Racing Game.

Library Faerie

Completely solve a Faerie Crossword.


Take an item with the word bread in it to Techo Mountain, on Mystery Island.


Win a game of Gormball.

Jelly Processing Plant

Score 1000+ on the Jelly Processing Plant Game.

Petpet Sitter

Score 2500+ on the Petpet Sitter Game.


Guess 4 correct numbers playing Keno.

Got Dubloons

Train your pet at the Academy.


Score 150,000 pts on Hannah and the Pirate Caves Game.

Wanna Fight?

Fight a Jetsam in the Battledome.


View any Rainbow Korbat's pet lookup.

Completely Random

Win the Neopets Random Contest. You'll have to check the news to see when the contests start.

Beware the Slorgs

Score 1000+ on the Attack of the Slorgs game.


Have a broken toy in your inventory and have Donny's Toy Repair Shop fix it. A broken blue fuzzle works.

Escape Artist

Score 1000+ on the Dice Escape game.


Visit this link.


Win a fight in the battledome and on the page that says "and the winner is.." refresh until you get it.

Not for Wreathale

View any pet lookup that has a Wreathy attached to it.


View any Female Royal Bruce's pet lookup.


Random event when you get blasted by the snowager.


View any Fire Pteri's pet lookup.

Kiosk Wocky

Win from the winter scratchcard kiosk.

Garlic Run!
Feed your pet any food with the word Garlic in
it. If you have a Skeith or Grarrl, the cheapest way to is to buy a
Palm Fan, change your language to French, and feed it to your pet.
Also, if you buy a Leek, Organic Leek, or Funnydew Melon change your
language to portugues & feed it to your pet.


Complete a Snow Faerie Quest

Aisha Scalawag

Random event when you win from the buried treasure.

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